Four Considerations for Getting a Good Deal on Bulk Clamshell Packaging

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Your mom told you not to judge a book by its cover. But you do; we all do. Sizing things up by their appearance is how humans operate. For this reason, having great packaging for your product is an important part of running a successful business. If your product is the most amazing thing since sliced bread, but your packaging is cheap and unappealing, the message it sends consumers is that your product is unappealing.

Being professional about your packaging is a great way to make your “book” a “cover” that people will be attracted to. For example, investing in a form fill seal machine and lidding film gives your customers the same amount of confidence in your product as they do the products straight off the shelf in the grocery store. One great packaging option is stock clamshell packaging. Stock clamshell packaging are the clear plastic boxes that snap shut, that many products are encased in in the store. The benefit of using stock clamshell packaging is that they are inexpensive, easy to use, and protect your product.

Before buying stock clamshell packaging, you should consider your options. Stock clamshell packaging come in any range of sizes and quality, but there are basically four considerations you should make:

  1. Size and Shape

    While shopping for stock clamshell packaging, you obviously want to make sure you choose a size that is bigger than your product. If it’s a little too big, it’s ok; if it’s a little too small, there’s nothing you can do with it. However, the larger the stock clamshell packaging, the more material used in making them, so the more they will cost. Finding stock clamshell packaging that most closely aligns with the size of your product is the best case scenario.

    The shape also impacts the cost of the stock clamshell packaging. Most conventional stock clamshell packaging shapes nest together, so that hundreds can be stacked into a single box, making shipping pretty economical. If the stock clamshell packaging you need does not nest together, shipping expenses will add up fast.

  2. Volume

    As with any product you buy in bulk, the more stock clamshell packaging that you purchase, the more negotiating power you have to reduce the cost per unit. However, saving 5 cents per clamshell case doesn’t result in any savings if you buy 10,000 units more than you need. Do your research and closely plan how many products you’ll be moving, to ensure you get the best deal, without buying more than you need.

  3. Custom orders

    Of course, if it makes sense to order custom clamshell packaging, do what gives your book the best cover for consumers to judge. But the price of clamshell packaging steeply rises when you use custom packaging. You’ll find that ordering stock clamshell packaging is the most economical option. Many packaging manufacturers offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you might be able to find a stock option that closely aligns with your needs, at the most economical cost. The key is doing your research.

  4. Materials
    Clamshell packaging comes in many different materials. Some manufacturers make clamshell packaging out of recycled or composite plastics, which is better for the planet Earth. Some manufacturers make their clamshell packaging with a seaweed base, so that if it winds up in a landfill, it decomposes and doesn’t leave a footprint. It also is safe for wildlife to consume. As you can imagine, clamshells made of these materials tend to cost a lot more than standard, plastic stock clamshell packaging.

    However, if it aligns with your brand, it might be worth the extra cost. If your product is eco-friendly, being able to list “Packaging made of 100% recycled material.” or “This product doesn’t harm wildlife if it is consumed.” might make the cover of your “book” really appealing to eco-focused consumers, especially if your product goes along with the eco-friendly school of thought.

If you take these four considerations into account and do your research, you’ll find clamshell packaging that fits your budget.

Does your business use stock clamshell packaging? Do you have tips to provide to other business owners who are shopping for it? Please share your wisdom in the comment section below.

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