How Strong Graphic Design Can Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure

Trade show display exhibits

What separates strong graphic design marketing from a forgettable disaster? Whether you’re attempting to create custom exhibits to bolster your business or are seeking out a skilled artist to create trade show graphics for a convention, powerful graphic design marketing can literally make or break your success. First impressions are often the longest lasting and without that element on your side you could see yourself losing more money than you bargained for. Everything from text to color to placement is involved in graphic design and artists you hire should be comfortable with all of the above and then some. From knowing how to use blank space to using the right colors, graphic design affects both businesses and customers on a deeper level.

History Of Graphic Design

Graphic design has been around as long as humanity has, being an art form inherently tied into marketing, communication and community. Although the actual term ‘graphic design’ wasn’t coined until relatively recently, the art of using typography and layout has been around for many ages. The oldest known examples have been found in Egypt as well as Rome, with historians still working their best to decipher their original text and meaning. The United States has a lengthy and complex history with graphic design, with multiple art movements and famous artists reflecting the growth of both paint and print. Nowadays graphic design is almost entirely digital, though some artists still incorporate traditional tools and methods.

Creating Exhibits

Creating physical exhibits is one of the hallmarks of the small business and independent freelancer. A study by B2B Magazine cited events as the second largest area of growth in media, just outside digital methods. Additional studies have seen the average company allocating at least 30% of its total marketing budget to events and exhibition, adding up to $24 billion spent annually for trade show displays. General trade show visitors will spend nearly 10 hours viewing exhibits, with an average of two show visitors per 100 square feet of exhibit space in the U.S. Keeping these facts in mind will better help you craft your graphic design marketing to match demand.

Strong Graphic Design Elements

Although you don’t have to be a designer yourself, it helps to have an idea on what makes good graphic design so you can better choose the right artists and tools. A hard and fast rule is ‘less is more’, as signs and displays that are visually cluttered are easy to overlook for the random passerby. Color theory is always at play, with bright colors naturally attracting the human eye more than dark ones, and balance between shapes and hues is essential to avoid being too noisy. Last, but certainly not least, placement can make or break immersion for the casual viewer. Knowing where to place your banners, displays and signs will help attract, rather than turn off, your client base.

Using Graphic Design Marketing

If you have a booth that could use interactive exhibit design or you’re considering renovating your trade show rental displays, finding a graphic designer should be high on your priority list. With their skills in typography, color theory and print they’ll give your rental exhibits a sense of style to set them apart from the crowd. Having their expertise on hand will also ensure that common pitfalls, like making hard-to-read text or unappealing colors, easily avoided. Remember to vary your graphics, as well, and create both small and large banners and displays to add visual variety. If you can master your graphic design marketing campaign, success will only naturally follow suit.

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