7 Ways to Make Your Displays Do the Selling for You

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When you have an online store, the only way to really display the product that you have for sale is by posting pictures. However, having a physical store makes it a lot easier to turn displays into sales. The cost of packaging of printed retail packaging can be pricey but it will be worth it. Here are a few ways to effectively and efficiently display your product to entice customers.

  1. Change the display every month
    Keep customers on their toes. Let them know you have new ideas and fresh stock by changing up the displays. Don’t make the mistake of putting the new stock on display, that will sell easily. Try putting the older stock on display so that customers can see that it is still available. Even just moving the displays around so that they are in different places is a good idea.

  2. Use Corrugated Display Boxes
    Corrugated displays suppliers can provide very up to date and modern displays for you to arrange your product on. Corrugated displays suppliers have worked diligently to ensure that there are sturdy display holders to offer that will show a lot of product at once without being overwhelming to the customer. Finding good corrugated displays suppliers are not difficult either. A quick search online or word of mouth for an associate will point you in the right direction.

  3. Make Use of Color
    Monochromatic displays, which is basically making the entire display the same color, is never a good idea. Custom product packaging is not expensive and can be designed in such a way that two or three colors are used. Not so many that the display is dizzying to look at, but enough that it catches the eye.

  4. Do not Use ‘No Touching’ Signs.
    Don’t put up a display that you don’t want touched. A sign saying ‘Do Not Touch’ is unwelcoming, unfriendly and might as well say ‘Do Not Buy.’ You may have to be straightening up and cleaning constantly but think of it this way, interest generates clutter. If no one was interest in the product you were displaying, no one would be messing with it either.
  5. Light Up the Display
    Correct lighting can make something so much more appealing and eye catching. A dark display might as well be no display so move it to somewhere it can be highlighted from above and below with portable lights. Even a simple product can benefit from proper lighting. Try to highlight the best parts of the product with the portable lights to ensure that customers see the benefits of the product.

  6. Tag it All
    There is nothing more annoying than seeing something you like on display and not knowing how much it is or where to find it. Surveys show that people would rather forget the product than ask for help with prices or location. Leave the price tags on the product and print off an information card letting the customer know where in the store they can find more of the same. No one is going to take a jacket off a mannequin and take it to the counter. They’ll want to find the rack with other jackets on. Chances are the one of the mannequin may not be the correct fitting anyway and no one wants to bring attention to themselves by taking it off and trying it on then and there.
  7. Use the Random Product
    What this means is basically, if you have display of soup cans, setting it up around chopsticks and bowl can not only bring attention to the soup but someone is bound to be interesting in the bowl or chopsticks to. Don’t underestimate the ability of the little props you can add to make a display look more inviting. You can even add random props that have nothing to do with the display.

Knowing how, when and where to play product displays efficiently is important to being able to sell those products. There is a strategy behind every corrugated displays suppliers box and every store owner’s set up.

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