4 Inarguable Reasons Why Bakery Owners Should Switch to Propane

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Whether you are opening a new business, wanting to better an existing one or just looking for better options in your own home, using propane burners over gas burners as a baker can be very beneficial to you. Propane is much cleaner and more efficient source of energy that is safer to be used in your home or business not just for heating and cooking but also for power. Let’s go over a few of the facts about propane burners versus gas. You may be surprised at what you find out.

You will have a hard time installing an industrial gas burner in your home or business as opposed to a propane stove. Here is why:


  1. If there are not gas lines in the neighborhood already, installing them can be very pricey.
  2. The amount of gas lines that are in the area is really what limits you because natural gas should not be stored in the tank.


  1. Propane, however is a lot more versatile in the lines are a lot easier to install.
  2. Because of the ease of the propane installation you can pretty much put a propane stove anywhere you want in the building.
  3. The downside to a propane stove is that there needs to be a propane tank nearby but again, that is not something that is hard to get.

Let’s consider some other factors
With more than 6000 bakeries in the US, 2800 of those being commercial bakeries over half of them have switched to propane burners for their business. This could be why:

Propane is a very safe type of fuel with a very low flammability level. The reason why propane burners are so much safer than other options, especially gas, is because a pressurized tank is used to create the fuel from the vapor instead of a dangerous liquid.

Appliances that use propane tend to last a lot longer. The required maintenance required for them is fairly low so being able to take care of them is not an added burden to the business.

Environmentally friendly
Propane is “clean burning”. This makes them very good for the environment. In fact in the 1990 clean air act as well as the national energy policy act of 1992 propane is listed as a clean feel meaning it is non-toxic and safe.

Most Americans all over the United States only live as far as 10 miles away from a brewery. Keeping residents safe should be the chief concern of a business like that so minimizing not only the potential of accidents (like blown gas mains) but also the amount of toxins and chemicals being thrown into the air. Keeping the air clean that the residents and the workers are breathing is much more doable when using propane.

The propane flame is much hotter than a natural gas flame. The propane’s flame temperature is around 3,614 degrees Fahrenheit and gas is at 3,254 degrees Fahrenheit. You may feel that, because of this, gas will heat your product quicker, causing a faster turnover rate but this isn’t necessarily true. The higher the temperature is, the more efficient the source is for heating because it takes less fuel in order to make the same amount of heat.

All of these factors play a huge part in determining why propane is an all around better source of energy for residents and commercial businesses alike.

Knowing the difference between the different types of energy sources before starting a business like a bakery or a brewery or something that uses a lot of this energy is very important for several reasons:

  1. Having a more efficient source could save you money in the long run.
  2. Insurance companies cover more when it comes to propane than gas.
  3. Workers and residents will be able to work and live in a safer environment
  4. You will have a better product.
  5. When it comes out that you are using an environmentally friendly energy, people will be more inclined to support your business and purchase your product.


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