Time For The Paper, Metal, Glass and Plastic Recycle Revolution!

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Did you know that recycling one soup can can save enough energy to keep the TV on for three hours? Recycling really is that amazing. Whether it’s glass recycle, paper recycle or plastic recycle, you’re making a difference when you recycle. We’ve all seen the offices where there is a paper recycle bin next to every desk. Well, that’s great, but what about the other materials? 75% of everything you throw away is recyclable, but only 30% of it actually gets recycled.

The sad fact is most people don’t know what to recycle or how. Do you know if your waste disposal companies are recycling any of your trash? Do you even know what to recycle? We all understand paper recycle by now, but seriously, a large portion of the nation’s paper is ending up in the trash. Even newspapers! In an age when newspapers should be mostly digital by now, people are still throwing out newspapers. Recycling even one tenth of the nation’s newspapers could save 25 million trees each year. Plastic recycle is just as bad. Think of the water bottles, take home containers, and plasticware that end up in the trash.

We do not need more trash! It seems everything about our society seems geared toward creating more trash. Everything is disposable and it adds up. If only paper, glass, metal and plastic recycle was a part of everyone’s thinking, then throwing anything in the trash would be the last resort. I know certain disposable items are a great help and you wouldn’t want to recycle them, like disposable diapers. 18 billion (yes, I said BILLION) of those are thrown out every year. Sure we need trash, but let’s put recycling on the top of your disposal list.

If you don’t know what to recycle or how your waste management companies handle recycling, it’s time get educated! Recycle centers profit greatly from your trash and so can you! Yeah, recycling saves the earth and all that, but let’s talk money! The cost of everything goes down when your trash gets put to good use through metal, paper, and plastic recycle. And if you own a company, try calling a recycling broker and see if your trash can make you money. You may be throwing out valuable materials.

The national recycling rate of 30% saves the environment the greenhouse gas emission equivalent of 25 million cars! Think of how much better it would be if we could get that number up to 75%! Get this into your thinking: recyle. Metal, paper, glass, and plastic recycle bins should be a part of your home and business. Get educated, get the info, get recycling!

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