Keep Your Office Clean With Contract Commercial Cleaning Services

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There are some very interesting facts that could also be disturbing, about why you may need contract commercial cleaning services or janitorial cleaning services for your business. One single person can shed about 1.5 million flakes of skin per hour. Unfortunately, most of those skin flakes become embedded in carpets. Next, you have dust mites that live in warm, humid environments. Oh, and they love to munch on those dead skin cells in the carpets. And, about 2,000 dust mites can live happily on just one ounce of carpet dust. And then there are your office phones. These phones have 25,000 bacteria per square inch on average. Time to think about contract commercial cleaning services, right?
Then of course, there are the kitchen and bathroom areas. These areas of your business are just hotbeds for bacteria and germs. Hiring a contract commercial cleaning crew can help keep those areas clean and sanitized.
The rest of your office needs to be kept neat and tidy as well. Conference areas need special attention because these are often the space where you will discuss business with clients and customers. These spaces need to be clean and dust free so you can keep your clients happy, as well as giving your company a professional edge.
Contract commercial cleaning is actually a fragmented industry, with no company holding more than 6% of the entire market. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that the commercial cleaning industry will grow by 11% over the next year. Another interesting fact about contract commercial cleaning is that the average hourly wage for a janitor was $10.68.
Due to the prevalence of contract commercial cleaning companies, you should not have a difficult time finding a janitorial and cleaning services company that will suit your needs. You may be a smaller company that only needs cleaning services once or twice a week. You could be larger company that will need commercial cleaning solutions every day.
Not only will your clients appreciate a clean environment, but your employees will appreciate it as well. No one like working in an office or company that is dirty and unsanitary. Oh and just one final fact about contract commercial cleaning solutions. The first ever vacuum cleaner was developed in 1901 and was called a “suction cleaning device”.

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