Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for RSD Treatments Allows Patients to Live Pain Free Lives

Many people suffer from (RSD) reflex sympathetic dystrophy. This disease, also called (CRPS) complex regional pain syndrome causes chronic pain. Thankfully, (HBOT) hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the rsd treatments that effectively helps patients live their life with reduced or no pain. HBOT is growing quickly as a treatment for several types of diseases and injuries besides rsd treatments.

When vital oxygen levels are restricted, degenerative conditions accelerate. People who suffer from RSD or many of the other painful diseases or injuries can get rsd treatments in the form of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The hyperbaric oxygen levels delivered during rsd treatments provide pure oxygen at high levels to slow down degenerative conditions or to heal the tissues completely. HBOT enhances patient’s lives by relieving them of unbearable pain in a safe and effective treatment compared to other rsd treatments.

The HBOT rsd treatments require breathing pure oxygen under air pressure raised to three times the normal pressure. The rsd treatments require the use of a hyperbaric pressurized chamber or room. The first hyperbaric oxygen treatment goes back as far as the 1600s. A British clergyman by the name of Henshaw built and operated it for many types of diseases. HBOT, originally used by the military for decompression sickness, which often afflicted scuba divers, has seen an upsurge in use for many ills, including radiation injury, serious infections, wounds that do not respond to normal treatments or air in the blood vessels.

In the past, one patient at a time used a single HBOT chamber. Although single chambers are still used, now there are multiplace chambers that allow multiple patients to undergo rsd treatments at one time. Each patient has a plastic hood or mask to breathe 100 percent pure oxygen. Normally, a nurse or other attendant monitors each individual and assists whenever necessary. An attendant takes care of individuals using a single chamber from the outside of the vessel. Additionally, there are chambers that hold two people. With advancements in HBOT for rsd treatments, patients can live long and pain free lives.

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