Painter Company Marketing Tips for New Businesses

No matter how skilled its employees are, a painting company won’t get any customers without an effective marketing strategy. If you’ve recently started a painting business, here are some painter company marketing tips to keep in mind.

One of the most effective marketing tools for a painting company — or any kind of business, for that matter — is word of mouth. Chances are you know someone within a few degrees of separation who needs a painting job done in the near future.

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Asking friends and family if they know anyone who’s looking to have their home or business painted can help connect you with potential customers. Then, if they like your work, you can encourage them to leave positive reviews or act as references to attract new people to your company.

It’s also to include social media in your marketing plan. Most people use social media in some capacity in their day-to-day lives, and with proper marketing, websites like Facebook and Instagram can help draw them to your business. To use social media as effectively as possible, it’s best to rely on a digital marketing agency for help.

A good marketing plan should involve both in-person and online methods. Be sure to apply these principles to your painting company’s advertising.


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