What is EXP Realty?

Almost everyone has expressed their interest in a company’s success. This is mainly because agents become shareholders in EXP realty after selling their first-ever home.

So what is EXP Realty? It’s actually one of the largest residential brokerages in North America.

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In fact, they’re the most innovative.

In this video, you will have a better understanding of EXP Realty.

What is eXp Realty?

This is among the fastest-growing real estate firm. They offer some of the most innovative online marketing tools, as well as virtual technology.

It’s also leading the way in creating the best real estate brokerage model. It also created an innovative business environment that offers unparalleled benefits to agents and even the share of revenue program.

Role of eXp Agents

eXp agents are the ones who receive new training and support. They are reliable in collaborating and learning from professionals, whether inside or outside the country.

eXp Real Estate Services

The eXp offers a unique service for agents and, of course, their clients alike. Whether there is a need for a commercial broker, support accelerating, or relocation specialist, eXp realty is always dedicated to providing its clients and agents with the best possible solutions.

Where does this Realty Operate?

This realty actually started in the U.S. It has remote offices, as well as real estate agents in France, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, India, Portugal, The United Kingdom, and South Africa.


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