Importance Factors in Choosing a Commercial Fan


Many commercial businesses rely on commercial fans for many purposes. The type, service, and efficiency of the specific fan used are an important decision. These industrial fans play many important roles in the industrial setting. Business owners need to pay attention to the safety features and the following concerns when choosing the fans they will place in their commercial building.

Safety of the fans

Industrial fans are used for safety. In many businesses, the temperatures of the warehouse and workhouses can get very high. When you pair that along with machine tools and other mechanical machines, you are at a greater risk for fire. The industrial fans are important in bringing down the temperature of the workplace, thus also reducing the chance of fire. It is important that a business owner choose a Pennbarry commercial fans that are the appropriate size and a great enough quantity to cool down the warehouse.


The sizing of the Pennbarry commercial fans are also important. Although you want large enough commercial fans that will properly cool the workplace, you also do not want them to take up too much of your valuable space. When you have large, bulky fans throughout the workplace, you are limiting your number of machine tools and employees that you can staff at once. Some industrial fans work better on the ceilings, and take up less space that way. Utility fans are normally roof mounted with the inlet and outlet 90 degrees from each other and are typically used where high static pressure losses exist.

Easily reachable

Another factor to consider is that the fans are easily reachable. If you put all of your industrial fans on the ceilings, you will find them more difficult to properly clean. Chimney fans and ceiling fans need to be regularly cleaned and inspected to also prevent fire risk. The exhaust systems that are attached to the fans will also require regular, proper cleaning. On average, restaurant exhaust systems are typically cleaned at least once every three months, but sometimes more, depending on the volume of the business.


You may not consider comfort as a necessity when choosing your commercial fans. However, when you use multiple fans in one workplace, you will find that the comfort of these fans is just as important as the size and safety of them. An example of a comfort feature is the amount of noise that the fan puts off. The amount of noise a bathroom exhaust fan will make is indicated by its sone rating, which could range anywhere from 4 (extremely loud) down to 0.5 (barely audible). If your warehouse is full of loud machine tools, you may be able to use higher sone rating fans. However, if you require some amount of noise reduction, you will want a lower rating Pennbarry commercial fan.


When you run multiple fans in the workplace, you may see your energy bills increase. When you require multiple or very large commercial fans, you will also want to find ones that are the most energy efficient. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but also will significantly reduce your energy costs. This can be as much as thousands of dollars a year saved, considering that most warehouses are well over 5,000 square feet. Do your research on the most energy efficient commercial fans and then compare them with the other important Pennbarry commercial factors.

Industrial fans are an important part of any warehouse or commercial building setup. They provide safety by reducing the temperatures of the warehouse. However, they should also be of an appropriate sound level, easily reachable for proper cleaning, and energy efficient to reduce business energy costs. When it comes time to replace your commercial fans and exhaust fans, consider all of these factors in finding the best value for your money.

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