Access Control Systems Can Help Prevent Theft

Managed access control system

One of the ways businesses and homeowners protect themselves from theft and other criminal and safety issues is with advanced access control systems. These systems can be as simple as requiring keycard access for employees or they can be elaborate systems that include video and other types of surveillance.

Controlled access systems can be an important part of home security. In 2013, there were more than $4.5 billion in losses from burglaries, and about three-fourths of the amount was from residential burglaries. Homes without some sort of access control system are much more vulnerable to burglaries. Something as simple as an alarm system can greatly reduce home burglaries, and research shows that simply advertising you have an alarm system will greatly reduce burglary attempts. In fact, more than 50% of burglars said they would abandon an impulsive, unplanned attempt if they found out the home had a security system.

Having more advanced access control systems such as ones with security cameras can make your home even safer. Estimates say that security surveillance can prevent about two-thirds of all residential burglaries.

For businesses, access control systems are a must. When the businesses are closed, the inventory inside the businesses must be protected, and a simple traditional lock and key system is not much of a deterrent. Alarm systems are a minimum so that police can be alerted immediately to any break-ins. However, only about one out of every seven businesses bothers to have an alarm.

Businesses should think about more advanced access control systems not only to protect themselves from outsiders but also to protect from theft from the inside by both customers and employees. While shoplifting is the top cause of inventory shrink, theft by employees is a close second. Having a strong access control system can help prevent employee theft in a number of ways. Cameras can act as a deterrent and also produce evidence of a theft. Access control systems that require employees to use badges or key cards to enter certain areas can help narrow down what employees were in what areas at what times.

The advantages of having an alarm or other security system far outweigh the costs of getting one for both businesses and residences.

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