Design Your Own Wedding Invitations and Wedding Save the Date Magnets

Design your own wedding invitations online

If you’re planning a wedding, you know how stressful it can be to finalize all of the little details. One thing that you don’t want to stress over, however, are your wedding invitations and “save the date” cards. There are a variety of styles available with wedding invitations and reminders, including the newer, convenient option of wedding save the date magnets. All of these types of stationery are available in either pre-selected templates or customized options. While you plan for your special day, here are some things to keep in mind when ordering your wedding stationery.

1. When you’re choosing decor for your wedding, you have a variety of color schemes available to you. You want these to not only match your wedding party outfits and reception decorations but your invitations as well. If you choose a professional printer for your invitations, that company may have pre-set color schemes and designs that will take the guess work out of having to choose your invitations. Just choose the colors that match for you, fill in the information you need printed, and you’re all set!

2. In addition to having a professional service print up your invitations, reminder cards, thank you notes, and other stationery, you can also design your own wedding invitations online if you have a specific style in mind. These printing companies can print your customized invitations with high-quality paper and printing techniques that in the past were only reserved for larger print runs or graphic design agencies. Getting professionally printed wedding stationery will be easier and less stressful for you than using a do-it-yourself printing set, and customizing is easy if you know which color scheme you’re using for your wedding.

3. For wedding etiquette purposes, keep your guest list in mind when ordering invitations, especially if you have any special instructions that need to be listed on your invites. For example, if you allow plus-ones at your wedding and/or reception, you can make that clear on the invitations. If not, however, be sure to address guests solo on the invitations. Your wedding invitations can also be printed with special instructions or options, such as menu choices and directions to the wedding and reception venues.

4. Another popular wedding stationery option is to send out a save the date card in advance once you have your wedding day picked out. However, wedding save the date magnets are becoming popular as well. After all, a save the date card can get lost in the shuffle of papers and mail we all tend to have. Sending out wedding save the date magnets will ensure that your future wedding guests remember the date easily, as they can place it on their refrigerator or other surface so they have a helpful reminder hanging up.

Take the stress out of your wedding planning. Get your professionally printed wedding invitations, save the date cards, and other stationery sets today, and have one fewer item on your wedding planning checklist!

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