Consider the Pros and Cons of CNC Machines Before Making an Investment

Milling machine tool holders

Success in the machining industry is largely dependent upon the use of the proper equipment. Regardless of the specific product a company produces or the type of processes that they use, having the right tools and machinery is vital. Owners and managers can invest in several types of equipment, but CNC tooling is a great option. Items like CNC boring heads and others are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. But before converting or upgrading to CNC tools, business owners should take the time to consider the pros and cons.

  • CNC boring heads and other similar tools can be run all day and night for maximum production. They only need to be shut down when maintenance is needed.
  • Even the best workers make mistakes, but CNC machines are perfectly accurate and consistently produce perfect products.
  • Fewer workers are needed to manage CNC machines, allowing businesses to reduce labor costs and increase profits.
  • Upgrades used to improve accuracy and consistency can often be done with simple software updates.
  • Training can be completed with computer programs, rather than on the actual machines, avoiding mishaps and potential damages.
  • CNC boring head set up and other tasks can be done without having to build a model or prototype first, saving time and money.


  • CNC machines are more expensive than those that are manually operated, though costs are working their way down.
  • Though needing fewer employees is generally a good thing for businesses, it does mean that CNC machines could lead to some layoffs, which are always painful.
  • Ease of use means that skills are often being lost, since workers who run CNC equipment do not need as much training as in the past.
  • Math and engineering skills are not as important, so problems that arise can be more difficult to overcome for less experienced workers.

Thinking about both the positive and negative aspects of CNC machinery is an important step for business owners who want to improve production and efficiency. While that might take time, and it can be tempting to just buy the cheapest machine, doing so can be a significant mistake. The research and thought process is crucial for making sure an investment in new equipment will prove to be worthwhile. Continue your research here.

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