Want to Make a Guilt Free Purchase? Choose the Company Carefully

Building customer relationships

Approximately 278 million Americans would prefer to know what it is that the companies they support are doing for causes that they care about. As consumers try to be more responsible, realizing now that how they spend their hard earned money is going to have an effect on the world, they look for companies with proven social responsibility. With so many companies, brands, and organizations vying for consumers, we can afford to be selective about which companies we approve of and support with our business.

This is the first step in finding a responsible company. Generally, a company that exhibits social responsibility will provide quality products, customer service, and will also work to improve the world. When it comes to quality, unfortunately, popular furniture stores are not necessarily top quality furniture stores, and even more rarely are the popular stores also affordable furniture stores. Companies that are building customer loyalty should endeavor to earn that customer trust and loyalty by providing quality at affordable prices.

Step two in finding companies with social responsibility is to zero in on another key component, top notch customer service. The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to access reviews of products and companies. A socially responsible company is one that treats its customers with respect when errors have been made, or satisfaction has not been delivered.

Step three in finding companies with social responsibility is to look at social aid. Consumers care about what companies are doing with their profits. Many consumers are looking for companies that turn a significant profit to give back to communities through social aid. For example, DirectBuy gave funding and resources to help rebuild communities hit by hurricane Sandy. These kinds of acts help build trust and appreciation from consumers.

If social responsibility is important to you, then you should look for a company that provides a quality product, excellent customer service, and tries to positively impact the world. About 83% of people have more trust in companies that exhibit social responsibility. Is it important to you? Learn more about this topic here: twitter.com

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