Bring It On, Tulsa!

Tulsa jobs

My man was transferred and we are moving to Tulsa. Now I need to figure out what jobs in tulsa ok are available for me and my skill set. When poling around online there were more Tulsa jobs than I originally thought there would be. For people looking for jobs Tulsa has a couple different career fairs. So I have my resume all polished up, my list of references printed out and my suit pressed and my shoes shined. I am going to go to those careers fairs and I am going to be offered so many jobs in Tulsa that I am not even going to know what to do with myself.

I know I might be being cocky. There are probably hundreds of people for each one of those open jobs in Tulsa. But I am going to walk in there to that job fair, be as prepared as I can be, be confident and make one of those jobs in Tulsa become mine. There were several jobs in Tulsa that interested me. There are some new and cutting edge companies with open marketing positions and I am thrilled at the prospect of actually getting one of those marketing jobs in Tulsa. Wish me luck. Great references here.

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