Lock Out Tag Out Procedures

Lock out tag out kits

Lock out tag out prodedures are the process of disabling the power source of a certain machine that needs to be repaired to avoid personal injury of employees or exacerbated problems with the machine. OSHA lockout tagout requirements necessitate that employers perform lockout tagout training for employees who maintain or clean machines, employees who are transferred to positions that require them to lockout or tagout machines, or upon the change of procedures or technology. The employer must keep records and certification of employees’ training and retraining, with their names and the dates of the training.

Lockout tagout prodedures vary from business to business. Some businesses have each employee keep a key for lockout tagout, while others have only the foreman control lockout tagout kits and keys. There seems to be no OSHA standard for procedures, aside from the fact that all employees must understand the procedure, and the only person able to remove the tag from the machine(s) that have been locked and tagged out is the person who performed the initial lock out tag out prodedures.

It is an important safety issue for all companies to implement and follow lock out tag out prodedures if they deal with hazardous energy or machinery.

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