How Brand Consulting Works as a Marketing Tool

Franchise marketing

The world’s first rental of a billboard was back in 1867, and it would be another hundred years, in 1970, when telemarketers would emerge on the scene. These two forms of marketing are both pretty effective, as was outbound marketing until the dot com bubble exploded back in the late 20th century and early 21st century, when inbound marketing took over. Inbound marketing, another powerful tool, emphasizes relationships, sharing of information, interactivity and collaboration. It fits with today’s more collaborative atmosphere, proving itself as a strong way to enhance a brand.

Today, marketing is primarily concerned with the brand, or the perception of that brand. Companies constantly strive to get their brands noticed by the largest amount of people possible, both in the traditional sense and increasingly in the online environment, where branding is even more powerful and even more important too. This is why brand consulting is rising so rapidly. Companies do not wish to waste their resources on something that will end up not working for them. Instead, they hire brand consulting agencies to walk them through brand marketing.

Also today, there are more subsets of marketing than there were back in the 1800s and 1900s, when the Internet did not exist and when people had limited resources to work with. There also were not too many brand consulting businesses back then either. In the old days, there were a few types of marketing. Today, there is social media, traditional print marketing, media marketing, content marketing, guerrilla marketing, and direct mail marketing. The types of marketing are boggling to the mind, again stressing the necessity for companies to hire brand consulting experts to guide them through it all.

What a brand marketing agency does is basically break all of this down for paying customers. This includes deciphering the different tools out there and which are best, like QR codes, which are scanned with smartphones and subsequently display contact information or text, open a browser, or offer a special deal or content. These codes are ideal for certain industries but not for all. A brand consulting agency too would help a company out with franchise marketing solutions, acting as a franchise consultant to guide a business through the process of marketing itself as a franchise or of transitioning over into one. An agency with branding experience, therefore, provides undeniably helpful knowledge and extremely useful tools to assist commercial clients with their marketing endeavors.

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