Finding Salons In Virginia

Hair salons in virginia

Hair styling is something that dates far back into history. While you may think that salons in Virginia are something new, ancient Greek writers such as Aristophanes and Homer both mentioned hairdressing in their writings. You can see things about various salons such as the Arlington VA hair salon seen here and elsewhere as well.

There are also some strange things documented about hair like that which is found at the hair salon virginia. For instance, there is a Guiness Book of World Records document stating that the longest hair on a woman was actually over 18 feet long. Of course, something like this would make sense though whenever you stop to consider the fact that hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the human body, only bone marrow grows faster.

Along the way places like hair salons in Virginia have also been faced with some true gimmicks. One of the ones that salons in virginia recalls happened in the 1970s when there were several gimmicky shampoos being raved over. One of them was called Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific and then there was Body on Tap, which actually contained one third real beer. While these were mostly for women, salons in virginia say that men weren’t overlooked here either. In fact, dating back to the Victorian era you would find what salons in Virginia called Macassar oil. This was a popular hair care product for men that was so greasy that it would leave stains on upholstery, which is why there was the need for the creation of antimacassars. These were small doilies that were draped over the back of the client’s chair.

It is interesting to look at the history of salons in Virginia. This was simply a small insight into salons in Virginia. There’s a lot of other great trivia found here too.

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