DOT compliance services can filter out the 115 percent of the workforce that uses drugs regularly at your Houston company

Drug free policy

Being able to drive a truck, a van or any other a service vehicle is not as easy as being able to drive the vehicle itself. There are a lot of requirements that you face when you’re a person that drives on a professional basis. You have to meet certain requirements in order to maintain a job in this business. This is why the market for a background check Houston employers require is so active. Having a drug free workplace program is more than just a good idea, as it is a requirement for most DOT compliance policies. A criminal background check can help your Houston organization when it comes adhering to DOT compliance services. Drug testing in Houston can help keep the members of your staff honest. DOT compliance services for new hires and DOT compliance services for existing members of your staff are equally important.

A 2011 survey revealed that there were about 6.9 percent of Americans who had used marijuana in a given month, an 0.8 rise over the 2008 data. NCADI statistics prove that users of alcohol and drugs not as productive as sober employees, using more sick days or getting themselves and other members of your staff injured. The numbers suggest that illicit drug using employees are about 67 percent as effective as sober employees, and about 13 million Americans have been divorced, arrested or fired due to drinking issues, so protect your Houston organization from these risks with regular drug testing policies.

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