Polished Concrete Floors

The construction industry is definitely seeing some big changes when it comes to, materials, labor and projects. Homeowners and business owners and they are looking for ways to reduce their costs and they are choosing less expensive solutions when building a home or business without sacrificing their wallets. Polished concrete floors provide one area in which they can reduce their costs. Polished concrete floors are accomplished with a process that involves using special sanding equipment. The results of polished concrete floors offer homeowners and business owners beautiful floors while at the same time saving them money. Unlike marble and granite floors, concrete floors are more affordable.

However, a high gloss finish typically associated with more expensive floors like marble and granite can also be accomplished with concrete floors using special diamond studded sanding equipment. Polished concrete is achieved by using certain chemicals and sealants as well. There are primarily two different techniques used when polishing concrete floors. One technique is called the dry polishing technique and the other is called the wet polishing technique. During the dry polishing technique, a special blade is used to achieve a high polished concrete floor. Moreover, the wet polishing technique uses a certain blade that requires water to keep the blade cool.

In some cases, both techniques are used to achieve a high gloss polished concrete floor. The advantages of polished concrete floors are the abilities of designing certain patterns that mirror marble and granite floors. The process of achieved a well polished floor also involves a special sealant that is applied during polishing. The special sealant protects polished concrete floors from damaging spills that potentially stain the concrete. Furthermore, polished concrete floors equipped with a special sealant require very little maintenance.

Not only are marble and granite floors more expensive, the maintenance cost associated with these floors are more expensive than polished concrete floors. Polished concrete floors require very little maintenance at all. In fact, only a damp mop is needed to return the floor back to its original shine. Homeowners and business owners save money on installation and maintenance when using polished concrete floors. There are companies that offer concrete polishing services online as well. For those who choose to undergo their own polishing, special concrete polishing equipment is available to rent.

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